Instructions and manuals for your stove

To ensure the function and safety of the stove, we recommend that the installation is carried out by an authorised technician. Contact one of our dealers who can recommend suitable technicians.

Installation instructions for log burners from Contura

Here you will find installation instructions for our stoves and accessories

Lighting instructions for log burners from Contura

Instructions for use and lighting instructions for our stoves

How-to videos for log burners from Contura

We show you how to maintain your stove in the best way and how to replace the most common details.

Dimensional sketches for log burners from Contura

Here you will find detailed dimensional sketches and installation distances for all our stoves and fireplaces.

Building application

These main instructions may give guidance which would contravene national building regulations. Please refer to supplementary instructions or ask your local authority for advice regarding building regulations.Before installing a stove or erecting a chimney it is necessary for you to make a building application permission to your local authority.

Report the installation of a stove to your local authority

The owner of the house is personally responsible for ensuring compliance with the mandatory safety requirements and must have the installation approved by a qualified inspector. Your local chimney sweep must also be informed about the installation as this will affect the routines for regular chimney-sweeping services.

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