Contura 100

Stoves that always find room

Contura 100 series - For every home

Compact, robust, reliable. A timeless design that blends into and elevates the design of every home, from traditional to modern. Contura 110, Contura i1 and Contura 130 offer freestanding wood stoves as well as fireplace cassettes. Give new life to an existing, older fireplace, or create a completely new fireplace based on your wishes. The choice is yours.

Discover the Contura 100 series

Whether you are looking for a compact free-standing stove or want to build your own fireplace using a cassette, the Contura 100 series has the solution for you!

Contura 110

Contura 110

Compact and free-standing wood stove. Bring new life to your existing fireplace.

Contura 130

Contura 130

Contura 130's compact format combined with a practical firewood compartment. Available August/September 2024!

Contura i1 4 sided

Contura i1 insert

Timeless and compact cassette that fits both tradional and modern homes.

Contura 110 placed in a old fireplace inside a living room

Contura 110 - Easy to place, easy to love

The compact, free-standing Contura 110 and its cassette sibling Contura i1 can fit almost anywhere, in any home. But there is nothing small about the warmth and the impression they create in a room. The Contura 110 and Contura i1 are efficient heat sources for every kind of home, from houses to cottages. The compact format gives you almost limitless possibilities to create the fireplace that suits your home best.

Mantelpieces and fireplaces should be living parts of your home. But many homes have fireplaces that are no longer in use. Give it new life with Contura 110. Its compact, free-standing cast iron format fits easily in most mantelpieces, most often with little modification or construction work required. You will soon notice what was the intended purpose of your old fireplace – to spread warmth and joy to your home.

Contura 130 with wood compartment installed in a cabin

Contura 130 - Modern and practical

With a more modern aesthetic, Contura 130 shares the firebox of the Contura 110 and is designed for versatility. The matching log box enhances the practicality of this small but mighty stove.Contura 130 is an efficient heat source for every kind of home, from houses to cottages or even your conservatory. The compact format gives you almost limitless possibilities to create the fireplace that suits your home best.

The log box has been designed specifically for Contura 130. If you want to lift the fire up from floor level, this is the perfect solution. Naturally, the log box can be used open to store logs, but it can also be used with a door to give it a more minimalistic look allowing you to neatly conceal its contents.

Contura i1 with 4 sides

Contura i1 - A cassette that always finds room

The cast iron Contura i1 is available with 3-sided and 4-sided frames. It is compact and sturdy, with a clean, stylish design that feels at home in both modern and traditional homes. It is the perfect choice for everybody who wants the warm, cozy feeling and at the same time save space

Compared to an open fireplace, the Contura 110 and Contura i1 offer more efficient heating. An open fire usually draws more heat from a room than it adds. With Contura 110 and Contura i1 heat is emitted through the glass door. Your heat economy improves, with higher efficiency and more modern combustion technology

Timeless design, modern engineering - Contura 100 series

Contura 110, Contura i1 and Contura 130 are designed and constructed using the latest stove technology from Contura. This makes it easy to light and maintain fires. With the damper on max setting it gives the fire an oxygen boost, making it possible to light the fire with the door closed.

With a combustion efficiency of over 80 %, and a 5 kW effect, you can be sure that Contura 110, Contura i1 and Contura 130 maximise the amount of heat energy you get from your firewood, while minimising particulate emissions.

Contura i1 with 3 sided frame

Contura i1

Three sided frame, black color.

Contura i1 with 4 sided frame

Contura i1

Four sided frame, black color.

Contura stove 110 with legs

Contura 110

Freestanding Contura 110 on legs.

Contura 130 freestanding

Contura 130

Freestanding Contura 130.

Contura 130 with log compartment

Contura 130

With wood compartment.

Contura 130 with log compartment and hatchet

Contura 130

With wood compartment and hatchet.

Contura wood burning stoves

New logburners and fireplaces

Contura 300 with firewood storage

Contura 300

Is it time to up the comfort factor? Then take a look at the Contura 300.

Contura 800 style with soapstone

Contura 800 Style

The new Contura 800 Style features an updated, even more elegant design.

Contura i61 grey

Contura i61

Contura i61 - The warm heart and hearth of your home.

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