Optional equipment

Heat-retaining powerstone for wood burning stoves

Install a Powerstone heat tank for even greater stove efficiency. The primary characteristics of the Powerstone are well known, being able to store heat efficiently and spread the heat evenly over a long period. The heat tank is concealed inside the upper part of the stove. The heat tank cannot be combined with fan.

Heat-retaining Power stone - 20 series

Powerstone - Contura 20 series

Powerstone for Contura 26K och 26T (can be combined with fan)

Heat-retaining Power stone - 30 series

Powerstone - Contura 30 series

The powerstone for Contura 34T, 35 high and 35T high is placed on top of the stove.

Heat-retaining Power stone - 500 series

Powerstone - Contura 500 series

Powerstone is standard on 520 Style. You can also choose heat storage as an option for Contura 590T, 596 and 596T.

Heat-retaining Power stone - 600 series

Powerstone - Contura 600 series

Powerstone is available for all models in the 600 series. In the picture you can see the heat tank for Contura 610.

Heat-retaining Power stone - 700 series

Powerstone - Contura 700 series

Powerstone for Contura 790K and Contura 790T. The stone is placed both on the top and on the sides.

Heat-retaining Power stone - Contura inserts

Powerstone - Contura fireplace inserts

Heat-retaining powerstone for the inserts and fireplaces Contura i30, i40, i50 and i60 series

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