Introducing ‘Cosyology’ by Contura!

Here at Contura, we take great pride and supplying our customers with stunning, high quality Swedish stoves that are both environmentally friendly and affordable! However, the Contura team are always striving to achieve more, and want to ensure that our service does not just end at the sale of a stove.

So that’s why we have created Cosyology by Contura, a complete guide on how to embrace the Swedish way of living and improve your health and well-being by getting the most out of your Contura stove!

Therefore, in our latest blog post, we talk more about the Cosyology philosophy and provide you with a with some top tips to help you incorporate some cosy Swedish living into your lifestyle.

So, what exactly is Cosyology?

A Contura wood stove or fireplace is a great addition to any home, as compared to an open fire they use a substantially less amount of fuel whilst still producing a strong heat output. On top of this there are a variety of different benefits that you can experience thanks to your stove, but how can you truly enjoy the real Swedish way of life?

Introducing Cosyology, a complete end-to-end guide to adding the culture of cosiness to your living. The experts at Contura have created this new brand to supply you with all the information that you need to achieve the most pleasure from your stove.

There’s an abundance of useful information to be obtained in our Cosyology guide, such as how to start the day off right with some classic Swedish breakfast recipes, what logs are best to use to ensure your stove provides the most relaxing experience and much more!

So, add some Cosyology to your life today by checking out our dedicated Cosyology by Contura page now.

Wood Stove and Fireplace accessories to improve your experience

At Contura, we don’t just provide the highest quality Swedish stoves and fireplaces, we also provide several accessories that can help make those fireside moments that whole lot more special.

So to help you get into the Cosyology spirit, our team have singled out a few accessories that can help you achieve the ultimate form of relaxation.

Add versatility to your stove and direct heat to all areas of your home with our super convenient turntable. Although a simple addition, this accessory can certainly evolve your stove and help you in achieving Cosyology! So, light up and heat your entire property by checking out our stove turntable now.

Having peace of mind is pivotal when trying to unwind, and our floor protector can certainly help you in accomplishing this. Our floor protectors are both super-practical and stylish, and are available in a variety of different designs. Make your life just easier and achieve Cosyology as quickly as possible by taking a look at our floor protectors today!

Scandinavian stoves and more at Contura

If you truly want to experience the benefits of a Cosyology lifestyle, then check out the wide range of wood stoves and fireplaces from Contura.

Or if you would like to visit one of our UK based showrooms and take a look at the wide range of products that we offer in more detail, why not visit one of our UK based showrooms!

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