Scandinavian Stoves for your Home

Scandinavia is known not only for its minimalist home décor but also the practicality and usability of their furniture designs. From IKEA to H&M, the Scandinavian way of living has become popular in the British household. Contura designs and develops all our products in Sweden, where not only do we make quality products that look great, but we do so as eco-friendly and efficiently as possible. Take a look at some of our stoves and fireplaces below that truly capture the essence of Sweden.

Swedish Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves are an efficient way of heating your home and look amazing as a feature in any room. In true Swedish fashion, Contura only use the best materials such as soapstone stoves and fireplaces to maximise heat storage and output throughout your entire home.

Of course, the purpose of a fireplace or stove is to provide heat, but we also believe it should look good and work with your existing décor. Our Contura range has been specifically designed to provide the best heat distribution as a standalone stove but also give you a great view of your crackling fire with a unique curved glass exterior. A great example of our creative design is the Artstone 610AG Natural Style External link. stove.

Superior Swedish Quality

As Contura are a Swedish company, our fireplaces are made with complete respect for human rights and business ethics with high standards for all our factories and offices. When you purchase a stove or fireplace from Contura, you’re also buying into a brand that makes positive changes towards a greener production and distribution process with a great focus on reduced environmental impact. See more on how Contura are reducing carbon emissions with our products.

Find a showroom near you

If you’ve been inspired to refresh your home with a new fireplace that combines sought-after Scandinavian design with eco-friendly quality, then why not visit one of our showrooms? Try our online map and find a Contura dealer near you.

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