Enjoy your wood burning stove safely this winter

A wood burning stove is a great addition to any home, especially throughout the winter months. In order to enjoy your Contura Stove to the fullest, it is important that you are safe and sensible with the product. Throughout winter, the fire service is frequently called out to accidents caused by the misuse of wood burning stoves, however many of these accidents can be easily avoided if they are enjoyed carefully!

Top safety tips to enjoy your wood burning stove

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Discover how to look after your Contura stove and reduce fire hazards with our list of safety tips below.

Store wood correctly

By using the correct wood, and storing it in a dry place, you can maximise the heat efficiency and reduce the harmful fumes that may be released. For more information about choosing the correct fuel for your Contura stove, read our guide about the importance of wood.

Sweep your stove of ash

A build up of ash can damage your stove and potentially cause an unwanted fire! In order to prevent this, ash must be raked out regularly and placed in a metal ash bucket. But it is important to wait until the ashes have cooled down before moving them!

Start the fire safely

Never use lighter fluid or charcoal to start a fire, they are not suitable for indoor use leading to the release of toxic gasses and even an explosion. Instead, use dry newspaper and small pieces of kindling, adding wood to the fire as it grows.

For more information about safe use of your Contura stove, take a look at our Facts and Tips section!

Find the ideal stove for your home

Contura stoves are available at a selection of retailers across the UK. For more information about any of our products please speak to your local dealership. Find your closet dealership online now.

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