Are wood burning stoves damaging to the environment?

Wood burning stoves have the potential to produce harmful fumes and cause damage to the environment. However, at Contura, we pride ourselves on efficient combustion rates. Our modern stoves are designed to produce few emissions, whilst also keeping your energy bills down.

Complete combustion stoves

The stoves from Contura, boast complete combustion, meaning that they do not contribute to the greenhouse effect. If you were to burn clean, dry wood in your Contura stove, the only by-products would be CO2, water vapour and ash.

You can find out more about combustion online!

The importance of lighting your stove correctly

The energy efficiency of your Contura stove also depends on the fuel you choose to burn. In order to produce maximum heat and minimum smoke from your stove, ensure that the wood is kept in a woodshed with good circulation. If the wood is damp, it will burn slowly, with poor heat efficiency and produce more emissions.

Choosing the best stove for maximum efficiency

Modern stoves are up to 90% more efficient than stoves that are over 10 years old. So if you have an older stove, it may be time to think about upgrading.

If you are looking for a stove to produce maximum heat for longer, why not consider a Soapstone Stove from Contura?

The heat retention properties of soapstone results in a warmer home for a longer period of time, meaning that you do not need to burn as much fuel.

Discover the unique properties of each type of stove.

Find the perfect stove for your home

The iconic Contura Swedish stoves are sold all across the UK. If you are interested in purchasing a stove for your property, speak to a local dealer to find out more. Find your closest dealership now.

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