What type of wood is needed for stoves?

Contura manufactures contemporary wood burning stoves to suit homes of all styles. Every Contura product is finished to the highest standard possible and enables you to heat your house without dependence on energy utilities. However, to care for your stove properly, it is crucial that you choose the best wood to suit your requirements.

Maximum efficiency from a wood burning stove

To gain maximum efficiency from your Contura stove, your wood must be as dry as possible. Fresh wood generally contains around 75% water, but this can differ from species to species. By burning fresh wood, much of the energy is lost through the production of stream. You can buy seasoned wood from your supplier, or it can be dried at home in a wood store.

Contura has some top tips on the best ways to store your fuel, you can read more about this online.

The next factor to consider, is whether you are burning hardwood or softwood. Softwood comes from conifers such as cedar and fir and has a very low density, which means it burns quickly with low efficiency. Hardwood burns approximately twice as slowly, so you only use half as much. Hardwoods stem from deciduous trees such as beech, oak and elm.

The best wood types for your stove

Ash is considered one of the most popular wood types for burning. It is a slow burner, produces minimum smoke and is readily available across the UK.

Cedar is a good burner with a long-lasting flame, it is also readily available from most wood suppliers.

Oak is considered one of the most efficient wood fuel logs. It produces a strong heat, even when only embers are left. However, oak is very much sought after, making it more expensive than most fuels.

Over Christmas time, why not purchase cherry, pear or apple firewood and fill your home with a delicious smell?

If you are considering purchasing a wood stove, then Contura has a wide range of models and sizes to choose from. Our timeless Swedish designs are created with both style and efficiency in mind. Discover the best stove for you online.

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