Wood burning fireplace regulations

Contura’s fantastic collection of wood burning stoves and fireplaces are subjected to thorough testing to ensure they meet all safety and environmental regulations before they are sold through our suppliers.

Fireplaces from Contura

Any chimney, stove or other combustion appliance installation has to comply with the legal requirements set out in the Building Regulations. These industry standards were created to ensure that all fireplaces are installed and used safely and efficiently. Failing to comply with these procedures has many risks, including threats to the property and to its users which can lead to prosecution.

If a new chimney is required, then it is important to consider if planning permission is needed. Contura or our suppliers can help you understand whether this is the case for you. Some properties will be in a “Smoke Control” area which means you will need an “exempt appliance” for burning wood. These issues are all covered in the 2010 Edition of Approved Document.

Manufactured in Sweden, Contura’s production plant is one of the most modern and eco-aware in Europe. We take our impact on the environment seriously and make sure our installations do not have a negative effect on the area. You can find out more about our environmentally smart stoves and fireplaces.

Contura has a range of fireplaces available that are stylish, sophisticated and energy efficient. Using the latest combustion technology, our masonry stoves distribute heat effectively without the need to keep re-filling the fire. Perfect for large rooms, find the perfect design to suit your style in our wonderful collection.

Your closest Contura dealership

For more information on the regulations regarding wood burning fireplaces, or to speak to a Contura specialist, please get in touch today by finding the nearest UK supplier to you. Discover our full collection by visiting our showroom or browse the full range of wood burning fireplaces now.

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