Top five Contura stoves for your home

Contura specialise in making the world’s leading wood burning stoves. Contura manufacture a range of different wood burning stoves for use in homes across Europe. Available in a range of finishes, sizes, colours and fuel types, we can help you find a stove that is perfect for you. Each Contura model is made with innovative Swedish technology and has energy efficient qualities.

Choose a Contura stove to match your style

Choosing a new stove for the central focus of your room can be a challenge. Other than finding a heating system to be functional and energy efficient, it’s important to consider the design of your wood burning stove. The collection of Contura stoves available include a range of colours and designs to suit any space or interior design, whether it’s traditional or contemporary. Take a look at our top five suggested models for your home.

Soapstone Stoves

The Contura 556T soapstone stove is a unique and stylish addition for any room in the home. With a grey soapstone finish and rotary grate, you get full flame visibility with a small space underneath to store logs. The cast iron door gives extra safety and the soapstone naturally retains heat, making it more energy efficient for your home.

For a completely energy efficient choice, the Contura 26T is the ideal soapstone stove for an energy conscious household. With a heat tank and soapstone surround, this stove will retain heat for hours, giving your home the warmth it needs.

Sandstone Stoves

For a more traditional look, the Contura 520S Style has a natural sandstone finish and each model has unique veining for a truly one of a kind stove for your home. Available with optional extras, you can include a cooking plate for heating food and drinks which makes your home even more energy efficient!

Masonry Stoves

A masonry stove adds a modern twist to the traditional wood burning stoves often seen in homes. The Contura i41T has an optional bench which forms a separate compartment for logs. The fire is off-set, creating a contemporary design which suits many interior designs.

Cast Iron Stoves

The cast iron stove is a timeless classic that fits into smaller spaces and complements modern or traditional décor. It’s ideal for recessing into an open fireplace and creates a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. The Contura 51L is a unique and innovative wood burning stove that would fit any room or space well.

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