Add value to your home with a wood burning stove

There are numerous advantages to having a wood burning stove installed in your home. Not only is a wood burning stove an efficient heating method for your home, wood is a sustainable source of energy wood burning stoves have an elegant, and traditional aesthetic.

Wood burning stoves from Contura can be personalised with accessories and a range of different finishes to choose from to suit you and your home. Adding a wood burning stove to your home not only adds unique character, it will also add value.

As a sought-after feature for many home-buyers, a wood-burning stove can help save you money, make your room look great and bring value to your home. The wood burning stoves from Contura are made with the latest technology and are built to last. With a range of free-standing, rotating and floating stoves available, you can choose from traditional styles to modern designs to match the interior of your home.

Soapstone Wood Burning Stoves

Soapstone stoves are ideal for families with young children and pets. The stone never gets too hot, making it a safe wood burning stove to have in the home. The soapstone stoves from Contura also have a long cooling down time which means the heat is distributed evenly for a continued period of time. This helps to regulate the temperature and doesn’t create an intense or uncomfortable heat in the home.

Soapstone stoves also have a smooth finish and look great in both traditional and modern homes.

Energy Efficient Sandstone Stoves

With effective heating qualities, Sandstone Stoves from Contura are high-quality wood-burning stoves which are energy efficient and each have their own individual style and appearance.

The natural-looking finish matches most interior designs and will look great in several different rooms. Sandstone effectively combines with the binding materials quartz, calcite or iron, to make the perfect combination within your sandstone stove. The shapes and patterns within your stove will depend on the unique sandstone itself and which binding material used within the stove.

Contact Contura to find your nearest dealership

If you would like a wood burning stove from Contura that will significantly increase the value of your property and interior of your home, you can get in touch with Contura to find your nearest UK dealership. With a network of UK suppliers located across the UK, you can choose your desired stove from showroom near you.

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