Stylish wood burning stoves for your home

There are numerous advantages to having a wood burning stove installed in your home. Not only can a wood burning stove save you money on your heating and energy bills, wood burning stoves have an extremely stylish appearance, and add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a property. Some people use their wood burning stove as the sole heater of the house, while others combine a wood burning stove with gas central heating. Whatever your preferences, a wood burning stove will undoubtedly add sophisticated style to your property.

If you are looking to install a brand new wood burning stove to make a change to your home’s décor, or have always aspired to have wood burning stove, Contura can help you find the perfect wood burning stove for your requirements at Contura.

Cast Iron Wood Burning Stoves from Contura

The cast iron stoves from Contura are stylish and work well in a variety of properties. Not only do they look impressive, with a chic and vintage aesthetic, they are extremely strong and durable.

Cast iron appliances and items tend to last forever and function particularly well. An example would be cast iron kitchen pans, as well as the sheer strength of cast iron outdoor drain covers.

When it comes to the cast iron wood burning stoves from Contura, you’ll be opting for strength, practicality, as well as elegance, trend and style.

Contura recommend cast iron stoves in traditional, as well as modern properties, and feel they work particularly well in large, spacious rooms with a light wall and floor covering. Although, the interior design of the property will not affect the function of the wood burning stove, cast iron does indeed work well with a variety of interiors. Take a look at the latest models of cast iron stoves.

Sandstone Wood Burning Stoves from Contura

Sandstone wood burning stoves from Contura can be equally as stylish as cast iron stoves with their unique appearance.

Sandstone stoves have a softer finish and can look modern in clean, open spaces such as a kitchen diner or home office. Sandstone stoves have an up-right appearance and can be placed anywhere suited to you – your home doesn’t have to have a fireplace to benefit from a wood burning stove.

Sandstone is truly unique and you’ll see different shapes, structures and patterns in the sandstone, in every wood burning stove.

Contact Contura for your stylish wood burning stove

To get your very own stylish wood burning stove from Contura, get in touch with the team online for more information, or find a UK installer near you to purchase your own wood burning stove and create a stylish, warm atmosphere in your home.

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