What is a Masonry Stove?

A masonry stove burns wood to generate heat but rather than immediately projecting it throughout the room, some of the heat is stored within. When the wood supply is used up or the fire is not re-filled, this stored heat is then radiated slowly to heat your home for a much longer period of time using the same amount of fuel.

Masonry Fireplaces are Highly Efficient

Because masonry stoves are so efficient at burning, releasing and retaining heat there is only a need to light it once a day in most cases. Temperatures are very high inside masonry fireplaces and this results in the hydrocarbon by-products being burned too, creating very little pollution. It is these high temperatures that assure the efficiency of masonry stoves and their benefits to the environment.

The built-in aspect of a masonry stove (which is why they’re also known as factory built fireplaces) adds a cosy feel to your home which simply can’t be recreated by more modern fittings like freestanding stoves. At Contura we take pride in creating masonry fireplaces that offer something that bit different to others on the market which is why we are proud to offer a selection of masonry stoves made from sandstone, artstone and soapstone – beautiful materials that give each masonry stove an individual look.

Unique Masonry Stoves

The large glass doors in our factory built fireplaces gives you a stunning view of the fire within, just like a real fireplace but with around 8x the efficiency! There are several fireplace accessories available so you can customise your masonry stove to suit you. Choose a colour, add an air inlet for increased combustion, add a heat tank for extra heat storage...each stove has unique extras yet all are guaranteed to turn a Contura masonry stove into your dream heating solution!

We have Contura dealers across the UK so to find your perfect masonry fireplace please contact us today.

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