The Advantages of a Wood Burning Fireplace

More and more people are turning to wood burning fireplaces and stoves to supply their heat over conventional forms of heating. But what are the real advantages of a wood burning fireplace? We’re here to tell you...

They’re much more cost effective

The price of electricity and gas is shooting sky high and showing no signs of stopping – or even slowing. It’s a sad fact that many people are seeing heating their homes now as more of a luxury than a necessity because of energy prices, but by switching to a fireplace insert you can save up to 80% if you currently use electric heating and over 50% if you use gas heating.

It’s independent energy

Having to rely on external sources to heat your home isn’t ideal – especially with the increasingly violent weather patterns we’ve been experiencing. Log burning fireplaces require no electricity or gas to run; just wood to burn. If you’ve ever watched a disaster or apocalypse type film, you’ll uinderstand just how important this is!

Wood burning fireplaces are environmentally friendly

Although the burning of wood gives off smoke, the logs and pellets available nowadays are cleanly produced and contain very little moisture – meaning the emissions they produce aren’t harmful to the environment. Furthermore, each tree that is cut down to make firewood is replaced by at least one seed, making wood a completely renewable energy source. The graph below shows how much you can reduce your carbon footprint simply by switching to a log burning fireplace.

Log burning fireplaces look wonderful

Burning wood offers a unique warmth that heats up a room like no other form of heating and it looks wonderful too. Wood burning stoves are cosy, atmospheric and continue to emit heat long after the flames have died down. The added benefit of a fireplace insert is that because the fire is behind a door it doesn’t ‘feed’ on the warm air in the room like open fires do. There are few aromas as homely and lovely as freshly burning wood! Now that you’re hopefully sold on wood burning fireplaces, it’s now time to find the perfect fireplace or stove insert for you. Try our Stove Selector to narrow down the choices and don’t forget our large glass and fan options too!

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