Keep Warm with Cast Iron Wood Burning Stoves

Cast iron is a fabulous strong and sturdy material that lasts for decades, which is why we are proud to offer an array of cast iron stoves for the modern home. Created by young Swedish designers, the Contura collection of cast iron wood burning stoves is ideally suited for adding a traditional yet contemporary touch to any environment.

Cast iron stoves retain their heat for incredible periods of time, meaning they continue to heat your home long after the flames have died out. Not only does this make them incredibly cost efficient, it makes them easy to maintain too – simply fill it up once in the evening and you’re sorted for heat right through until the following morning!

Wood Stoves Offer a Traditional Touch

Our cast iron wood burning stoves show an incredible amount of flame to give you the feel of a real wood burning fire – minus the mess of course! Many of our cast iron stoves also double up as a hot plate and feature convection air vents to spread the heat throughout your home.

With Contura you have the freedom to customise your cast iron stove so it will suit your individual style. The visibility of the flame, air inlets and floor protection mats are all available to change to suit you. We firmly believe there is a Contura cast iron wood burning stove for every home, but if you’re having trouble identifying which would be perfect for you, try our Stove Selector to help narrow down the choice!

Cast iron Stoves are Incredibly Efficient

Using the finest manufacturing techniques to produce clean burning, efficient wood burning stoves, Contura is the perfect choice for people wanting an efficient yet beautiful wood burning stove. If you would like any more information about our cast iron wood burning stoves please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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