What is output, specified energy and efficiency


The output is given in kW (kilowatt) and corresponds to the heat given off by the stove at a certain time. The more you burn, the greater the heat output. An electric radiator normally gives off an output of 1 kW. An sauna unit normally gives off a full output of 5 kW.


If the stove has an output of 4 kW for 10 hours the house has been supplied with an energy volume of 40 kWh (kilowatt hours).


The relationship between the exploited and supplied energy in a system. The higher the level of efficiency (0-100%) the better the stove exploits the supplied energy, in the form of the logs that are burned.
A stove that is wood fired usually has an efficiency of 50-70 %. Most Contura models have levels of efficiency in excess of 70%.

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