How to clean wood burning stove/glass clean

If you clean the glass regularly, wiping the glass with dry paper will usually be enough. If the soot has been sitting on the glass for a longer period of time we recommend using some sort of cleaning agent or a special soot remover when you wipe it off. Cleaning agents can either be bought at a grocery store or from your local stove dealer. An extra trick for cleaning the glass is to take a damp cloth and dip it in the stove ash. Then proceed to rub the cloth against the glass, the ash will help make the glass sparkling clean again!

The grate and the stoves other cast iron parts in the combustion chamber should be cleaned with a steel brush. From time to time make sure you also clean the space where the ashtray is located, otherwise spillage can prevent the ashtray from being put in place. When it comes to the lacquered parts on your fireplace, wood stove or log burner can be cleaned with a damp cloth, possibly with some washing up liquid. If you, with time, notice scratches or wear on your wood stoves painted parts you can fill that with Contura’s touch-up paint. This can be found at your local stove dealer.

A good reminder for when the ash in the ash box needs to be emptied. Make sure that there are no embers left. The ashes should be stored in a non-combustible container with a cover for at least one week before disposal.

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