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Contura has a burning passion for the future.

Quality and sustainability go hand in hand at Contura. At every stage of the stove’s life - from production to installation and the many years of heating your home. Our stoves are manufactured in Sweden, at one of the most state-of-the-art facilities of its type in the world. Always with a focus on minimising our environmental impact.
Contura 870G Style installed in a bedroom

Responsible manufacturing

We use renewable energy sources and heat recovery in our manufacturing processes, with constant energy savings.

Black Contura 890G Style in a grey living room

Swedish innovation

Today, Contura’s stoves are market leaders when it comes to heat output and energy efficiency. And we are improving all the time.

Vit Contura 856G Style installerad med en Premodul skorsten

Built for the future

A stove from Contura should have a long life. And the materials from which it is made should be recyclable at the end of its useful life.

Natthimmel full med stjärnor med en vacker utsikt över vatten och natur

Innovation that makes a
real difference.

We are progressing on our sustainability journey and our stoves are characterised by innovation, new approaches and new thinking. They are engineered to be energy-efficient and make it easy for you to burn wood the right way. Because we know that the biggest difference we can make is in people’s daily lives.

Making it easy to burn wood the right way.

Automatic air control for optimal combustion.

Longer burn time and up to 25% less fuel consumption.

Connected and app-controlled.

Reduced particle emissions during lighting and burning with up to 50%.

Tjej som kollar
Part of something bigger

Our sustainability commitment

The starting point for our approach to sustainability is Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. This gives us a framework to build on when developing the various aspects of our business, from production to installation and the life cycle of our products.

Six decades of innovation

Since 1965, Contura has strived for one thing – to make the stove as efficient and clean a source of heat as possible.

Long-lasting materials

The materials we use to build Contura stoves are selected for their quality and lasting performance.

Responsible manufacturing

Our stoves are manufactured in Markaryd in Sweden, at one of the most state-of-the-art facilities of its type in the world.

Maximum energy from each log

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Recyclable materials in our stoves

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Our own energy powers production

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Green stove technology and smart features

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How we saved 6,000kg of plastic a year

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Quality and sustainability go hand in hand

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Simple and sustainable

Simple and sustainable

Our stoves should be a source of pleasure and comfort. Designed to make it easy to burn wood the right way and provide a clean, long-term heating source for your home.

Our story

Contura has a burning passion for the future 

Contura has a long history that we are proud of. It is the foundation for everything we do today and everything we want to achieve in the future. Welcome to our story – from Småland’s handicraft tradition to global responsibility for sustainability.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Agenda 2030 and Contura’s commitment

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Good health and well-being

Good health is fundamental to being able to achieve one’s full potential and contribute to the development of society. At Contura, we are convinced that a stove contributes to well-being. Both individually and collectively with others gathered around the fire.


Sustainable energy for everyone

In order to tackle many of the challenges the world is facing today, it is essential to have access to sustainable, reliable and renewable energy and clean fuels. A high-efficiency stove combined with responsible forestry practices offers a long-term and effective source of energy.


Decent working conditions and economic growth

Decent working conditions drive sustainable economic growth and are a positive force for the entire planet. Our stove production facility in Markaryd is one of the most advanced of its kind in the world. We support local suppliers and are constantly enhancing our working conditions and processes.


Sustainable industry, innovations & infrastructures

To address the future challenges facing people, communities and our planet, our industries and infrastructures need to be made more inclusive and sustainable. We are continually developing our production methods and working actively to drive innovation and technological advancements.


Sustainable consumption and production

The transition to sustainable consumption and production of goods is necessary to mitigate climate change and negative environmental and human health impacts. We focus on minimising environmental impacts at every stage of our operations, from production through to shipping.

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