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Double warranty

Maximum assurance for your wood stove with double warranty

Long life, made in Sweden, superior quality – you made the best choice when you purchased your Contura stove. Would you like to maximise the assurance of your new Contura stove’s performance and quality? You can double the warranty period to 10 years for material and manufacturing defects. The warranty applies for Contura stoves purchased from 1 January 2021 onwards and all you need to do is register your stove within 3 months of purchase.

What does the double warrenty from Contura mean?

- Contura/NIBE AB offers a 10-year warranty for material and manufacturing defects when the product is registered. Otherwise, the warranty period is 5 years.

- Contura/NIBE AB offers a 24-month warranty for components inside the firebox, external cladding and electrical components when the product is registered. Otherwise, the warranty period is 12 months.

Benefits for you

Peace of mind with a double warranty period

As a leading manufacturer, Contura offers an extended warranty period. Should your Contura stove show any material or manufacturing defect in the first ten years of its life, Contura/NIBE AB will cover your expenses. Unless you have caused the damage yourself.

Reliable service

In the unlikely event that your stove requires servicing, contact your dealer. Since you have registered your stove, we have all its details.

How do I register my wood stove?

The information folder enclosed with your warranty certificate explains how to register your stove online. You need to enter the stove’s serial number to register it.

It is possible to take out a double warranty period for Contura stoves and fireplaces except for the Contura 50 range.

Contura warranty conditions


These conditions apply to solid-fuel stoves manufactured by NIBE AB under the Contura brand and to accessories for these stoves (hereafter called “the Product”).


The Product conforms to NIBE AB’s quality standard, certified in accordance with ISO 9001. The installation and functional testing of a product of this type requires technical knowledge and a familiarity with the Product and its function and application. For this reason the Product should be installed and its function tested on site under operational conditions by a qualified professional.


3.1 If a defect arising from a fault in the materials or manufacturing process becomes apparent, a claim should be submitted to the company that sold the Product. In such instances the purchaser must be able to authenticate that the Product in question was purchased from the seller and to verify the date on which the purchase was made: the best way to do this is by means of the original purchase receipt. The purchaser must also state the type designation and manufacturing number. This information is displayed on the Product.

3.2 If the purchaser wishes to make a claim because of a fault or defect, the seller shall be notified within a reasonable period of time, normally within fourteen (14) days from the date on which the fault or defect first became apparent.


4.1 In accordance with these conditions a five-year (5-year) warranty is given, starting from the date of delivery, against defects in materials and manufacturing, with the exception of defects relating to the components described in paragraph 4.4 below and of defects described in paragraph 4.3 below. The term ‘date of delivery’ is taken to mean that day on which the goods are delivered to the purchaser or to the freight forwarder for onward transport to the purchaser.

4.2 In the event of a fault occurring, which is covered by this warranty, upon delivery to the customer or during the warranty period, NIBE AB will send the replacement component

necessary to rectify the fault, free of charge. NIBE AB assumes no other obligation to rectify the fault, for example, for installation of the replacement component.

4.3 A warranty of only twelve (12) months is given for components in the fire-box (for example, Hearth cladding, cast iron components, baffles, glass and sealing strips), for cladding and surface finishes (for example, tiles, concrete, glass and lacquered metal), and for electrical components. Guarantee Certificate for products manufactured by NIBE AB under the GB Contura brand.

4.4 The warranty does not extend to defects arising as a result of the fact that

- the installation and operating instructions have not been observed;

- the assembly work has not been carried out correctly;

- the Product has been subjected to over-heating caused, for example, by using the wrong type of fuel or excessive amounts of fuel;

- the Product has been connected to a chimney producing a poor draught; for example, a short chimney or a chimney which is not properly sealed;

- the Product has been stored in a damp, unheated environment;

- the Product has been maltreated and has not been maintained in accordance with the instructions provided;

- the defect is the result of normal wear and tear on components that occasionally need replacement; or

- due to similar circumstances which are not the result of defects in materials or manufacturing.

4.5 The following minor blemishes that may occur in the Product do not constitute grounds for complaint under the conditions of this warranty:

- hairline cracks caused by insignificant differences in the way that certain ceramics and glazed finishes expand when heated;

- minor variations in the colour of individual tiles caused by the firing process;

- small cracks in the grouting between the tiles caused by heat expansion;

- natural variations in the colour, shade and veining of soapstone and marble.


5.1 In the event of a defect in the Product the purchaser has no right to any claims other than those described in paragraphs 4.2 above. This means that the purchaser has no right to compensation for direct or indirect damages.

5.2 If the services of the seller are used without due and just cause, the purchaser shall bear the costs incurred.

5.3 The repair of a defect or the replacement of a component neither extends the validity of the warranty period for the Product, nor indicates the commencement of a new warranty period. Nor are replacement parts covered by any separate warranty period.


Claims concerning damage which has arisen in connection with the transportation of a Product (transport damage) shall be submitted to the freight forwarder when the Product is delivered to the purchaser or no later than seven (7) days after delivery of the Product.


When the purchaser is also the end-user or consumer, the purchaser enjoys all the rights accorded by current statutory consumer law in addition to what is stated in this Guarantee Certificate.


Guarantees availability of all consumable parts for a minimum of 10 years.


The parties concerned shall, in the first instance, endeavour to solve by mutual agreement all disputes relating to the interpretation of these regulations. If no agreement can be reached, the dispute shall be settled in a court of law.

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