Fireplace insert Contura i5 panorama door

Fireplace insert for installation in fireplace openings.

Our stove insert really makes a difference to the heating, so we light a fire nearly every day. With the large glass and the discrete frame, it was perfect for our functioning stove. A lot of people think that it has always been there. For installation in fireplace openings. Fits most open stoves. The handle is integrated in the door and the damper control is easily accessible on the front.

Insert Contura i5 panorama door

Insert Contura i5 panorama door
Contura i5 panorama door

Give the fireplace your own personal style

The cast iron door gives the stability and heat tolerance required.
Cast iron door
The hood cover creates an extra flow of convection air
Hood cover
The door opens easily using the inset handle
Integrated handle
Large stove opening can be concealed by a finned grille
Elegant finned grille
Contura i5 can be supplemented with short legs
Short legs
Outdoor air connection kit
Air inlet
Only front glass
Flame visibility