Contura 810 Style


A stove from Contura will spread warmth and cosiness in your home.

Therefore you should choose carefully. We make Contura for those who appreciate good design, intelligent functions and a wide selection. We make stoves for those who choose with the heart and the head.

At Contura we have a burning passion for the future. We always strive to make the best wood burning stove with materials and craftmanships of the highest quality. We also continuously try to make our wood burning stoves and fireplaces more effective in combustion efficiency. Remember that wood burning stoves are also CO2 neutral, because the carbon dioxide produced during the efficient combustion of bioenergy is taken up in the corresponding quantity as new trees are growing.

We know better than anyone how much warmth and harmony a Contura wood burning stove can bring to you home, and our mission is to give you the same warmth and cosiness to your home as all our previous customers enjoy every day.

Bring peace and joy to your home and mind with a Contura.