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Contura 690AG Style

Večji kamin ima več moči, to pomeni, da oddaja več toplote kot manjši kamin. Obstajajo še drugi dobri načini, kako iz kamina dobimo še več toplote. Conturo 690AG Natural Style lahko kombiniramo z dodatnim toplotnim zalogovnikom. Artstone je naravno svetlo siv umetni kamen, ki je edinstven pri Conturi. To da kaminu moderen in močen izgled.

  • Veliki stranski stekleni odprtini



  • Toplote


    150 m²

  • Učinkovitost


    6 kW

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Contura 690AG Style

Contura 690AG Style

ASF – Automatic Start Function
Is an ingenious function that automatically con-trols the lighting air through the grate. It means that the door can be shut at the same time that the start-up fire is lit and the stove therefore becomes completely independent of room air. Which means it feels safer not having to leave the stove with an open door during the start-up fire. It is also perfect for modern buildings with negative pressure. The function is unique to Contura and a patent applied for.
RBF – Refuelling Boost Function
With the boost function you can ”save” embers that have nearly died. You just open the handle on the left, new oxygen flows in from below and brings out the embers so that the new wood catches light. After a short time you can once again enjoy a beautiful fire and heating.
SSA – Silent Sliding Ashtray
Beauty in the smallest detail we say – and mean it. Contura's new ashbox, which, thanks to its design and damping function, slides quietly and softly during emptying.
Cool-touch handle
The handle for opening has been designed so that it does not get hot.
Log compartment
A practical compartment under the stove which keeps the logs in order.
Glass door
The door in glass gives a modern look.
Contura Talna zaščita

Contura Talna zaščita

Praktična zaščita tal za vaš kamin

Using olivine as a heat tank makes it possible to store heat.

Contura Log box

Contura Log box

Available in black, grey and white and can only be placed on the right hand side of the stove.

Contura dovod zraka

Contura dovod zraka

Vse naše kamine lahko priklopite na dovod zunanjega zraka, bodisi skozi zadnjo steno, ali skozi tla. Priklop kamina na zunanji zrak za gorenje pomeni, da bo kamin dobil hladnejši, s kisikom bogat zrak za še učinkovitejše gorenje.

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