Navodila za vgradnjo

Here you can find installation instructions for wood burning stoves , masonry stoves and fireplace inserts. We hope you will get a great deal of pleasure from your new stove. As a new owner of a Contura stove you have secured a product with timeless design and long service life. Contura also has combustion that is both environmentally friendly and efficient for the best heat production. Read through these installation instructions carefully before installation. Read how to best light your stove in the lighting instructions.

Important to remember!

Installation by authorised technician
This manual contains instructions about how the stoves must be assembled and installed. To ensure the function and safety of the wood burning stove, we recommend that the installation is carried out by an authorised technician. Contact one of our dealers who can recommend suitable technicians.

Building application
These main instructions may give guidance which would contravene national building regulations. Please refer to supplementary instructions or ask your local authority for advice regarding building regulations. Before installing a stove or erecting a chimney it is necessary for you to make a building application permission to your local authority.

Structural support
Check that the wood joists are strong enough to bear the weight of the stove and chimney. The stove and chimney can usually be placed on a normal wooden joist in a single occupancy house if the total weight does not exceed 400 kg.

Hearth plate
Due to the risk of falling embers, a flammable floor must be protected by a hearth plate. It must extend 300 mm in front of the stove and 100 mm on each side of the stove, or have a 200 mm extension on each side of the opening. The hearth plate can consist of natural stone, concrete, metal plate or glass. A painted metal or glass hearth plate is available as an accessory for these models.