Wood Burning Stove Accessories and Equipment

Enhance your wood burning stove’s capabilities with Contura’s range of accessories and equipment. Take advantage of the energy efficient heat with equipment such as hot plates and baking ovens for a traditional twist on cooking, or use an olivine heat tank to store heat for longer.

Optional equipment for your stove

Here is an overview of options that increase the benefits and pleasure of using your stove. Whichever Contura wood burning stove you choose there’s a fireplace accessory to suit your needs. For more information please contact your local Contura dealer.

Turntable With a Contura stove mounted on a turntable the fire becomes visible everywhere. Turntable for your stove
Soft-close door Store logs, matches and protective gloves behind a matching, soft-closing door. Soft-close door
Floor protection Our practical floor protectors are available in glass, metal or marble and i both long and shor... Floor protection
Powerstone Using olivine as a heat tank makes it possible to store heat. Powerstone for your stove
Fan With a fan installed, the heat spreads effectively and quickly from room to room. Fan for your stove
Log box Most of our stoves are equipped with a practical log box underneath as standard. Log box
Tops The top is available in a range of different materials and looks Tops for your stove
Other accessories Other accessories for your stove, like outside air connection, hotplate etc. Other accessories for your stove