Fireplaces and Masonry Stoves from Contura

The modern masonry stove is energy efficient and has a high level of efficiency. it is thoroughly tested both for quality and function and p marked by the Swedish national testing and research institute. 5-year warranty applies.

Stylish Energy Efficient Masonry Stoves

A fireplace or a masonry stove from Contura is a modern open fireplace, a piece of furniture with attitude – a sculpture if you will. It is designed with clean lines, glass and concrete for large rooms and cosiness. Contura gives you a fireplace that can match both the interior and architecture of your home. Our masonry stoves are manufactured with the latest combustion technology, which means that it is very energy efficient – over 80% in fact! The material surrounding masonry stoves collects the heat and distributes it into the room, providing hours worth of heat without the need to keep re-filling the fire.


Contura Masonry Fireplace Inserts

Masonry stoves can also be known as masonry fireplace inserts as it is effectively a fireplace built into heat retaining material such as sandstone or soapstone to provide maximum heating benefits for your home. Masonry fireplace inserts are the ideal choice for those that want to enjoy the look and feel of a fireplace without building their own structure which can be time consuming and expensive.


Our masonry wood burning stoves are available in a variety of styles so you can choose optimum placement in your home. Each is available with optional fireplace equipment to maximise the benefits of the heat. For more information about our masonry stoves please contact your local UK Contura dealer.

Contura i51
Contura i51 is an insert with a white sheet metal surround and modern design that suits the modern home. Generous glass areas on three sides shows a lot of the fire.
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Price from:£3650
Contura i31A The fireplace has a large glass door that gives the impression of an open fire. Fireplace Contura i31A
Contura i31T The fireplace in soapstone can also be combined with heat-retaining powerstone. Fireplace Contura i31T
Contura i31S The Contura i31S fireplace is clad in walnut brown sandstone that gives a exclusive style to th... Fireplace Contura i31S
Contura i41A The Contura i41A fireplace has an angled door and is clad in artstone. Fireplace Contura i41A
Contura i41T Fireplace with heat retaining soapstone and angled glass door. Fireplace Contura i41T
Contura i41S Fireplace with surround in exclusive walnut brown sandstone with angled door. Fireplace Contura i41S
Contura i51 steel With generous glass areas on three sides and a spacious firebox, Contura i51 is truly an insert... Fireplace Contura i51 steel
Contura i51A The insert is easy to position in the home and can be placed against a combustible wall. Fireplace Contura i51A
Contura i51AN Artstone natural is raw concrete polished to a smooth surface with a soft grey hue. Fireplace Contura i51AN
Contura i51T The natural heat-retaining soapstone makes your i51T unique, because the stone's veining varies... Fireplace Contura i51T
Contura i51S Sandstone is a natural heat-retaining stone in nut brown nuances with natural variations. Fireplace Contura i51S
Contura i61 Contura i61 blends beautifully into your home, with typical Scandinavian aesthetic appeal that ... Fireplace Contura i61
Contura i61A Contura i61A has a contemporary feel which combines beauty and strength with inspiration from i... Fireplace Contura i61A
Contura i61AN Artstone is resistant to fluctuations in temperature and the natural variant is also ideal to p... Fireplace Contura i61AN
Contura i61T Soapstone is a naturally heat-retaining stone that makes every fireplace unique due to its natu... Fireplace Contura i61T