Soapstone Stoves from Contura

Soapstone stoves produce and store heat at maximum output. Thanks to the heat retaining properties of soapstone, heat is produced at a comfortable and even level. Contura soapstone stoves are available in several sizes.

Soapstone stoves give maximum heat for longer

The soapstone’s long cooling time means that the heat is evenly distributed for a longer period of time.  Its ability to retain heat and withstand flames directly makes soapstone a perfect natural material for a stove; it will stay hot for hours without the need for re-filling. That said, the heat from a soapstone stove is even and comfortable allowing you to sit close to it, while the surface of the stone doesn’t get too hot – an added safety advantage for those with young children or pets.


Our larger soapstone stoves allow you to bulk fill for hours of maintenance-free heating. There’s no need to get up in the middle of the night to load the fire, and you can fill your stove in the morning with peace of mind that it will still be hot when you arrive home later.


Fireplace accessories for soapstone woodburning stoves

Soapstone stoves can be made even more practical with our range of fireplace accessories. A baking oven, for example, is nice to use and can be very useful in the event of a power cut. A fan distributes the hot air and allows it to spread rapidly from room to room, while larger stoves can be fitted with an olivine heat tank for even greater heat retention and distribution in larger rooms. These are just a few of the options available for our collection of woodburning stoves!


Browse our range of soapstone stoves below. To find out more or see a soapstone stove for yourself please get in touch with your local Contura dealer.

Contura 690AG Style
Contura 556T with cast iron door is a soapstone stove with large sidelights that show a lot of the fire. Soapstone is naturally heat retaining, which maximises the output of your stove.
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Price from:£2995
Contura 26T low The generous glass area makes the fire visible throughout the room. Combine a soapstone stove w... Soapstone stove Contura 26T Low
Contura 26T high The soap stone stove can be supplemented with a heat tank. Soapstone stove Contura 26T High
Contura 34T The refined proportions of the soap stone stove give a discrete and majestic impression. Soapstone stove Contura 34T
Contura 35T low Award winning and efficient heat-retaining soapstone stove with a cast iron or glass door. Soapstone stove Contura 35T low
Contura 35T This soap stone stove was awarded the red dot design award. Soapstone stove Contura 35T
Contura 52T Soapstone stove with covered sides and a frame made of cast iron. Soapstone stove Contura 52T
Contura 54T This soapstone stove becomes a contrast rich and attractive stove with a curved back that is id... Soapstone stove Contura 54T
Contura 320A Natural Natural artstone surround give the C320A an even more exclusive look. Artstone stove Contura 320A Natural
Contura 320T The stone plays an important role in storing heat and maintaining the temperature. Soapstone stove Contura 320T
Contura 520T style New Contura 520T with a soapstone surround is natural in every way Soapstone stove Contura 520T Style
Contura 556T style Heat retaining soapstone stove with large side lights and cast iron door. Soapstone stove Contura 556T Style
Contura 590T style Contura 590T Style with cast iron door is a tall soapstone stove with lots of options. Soapstone stove Contura 590T Style
Contura 596T style With a surround of heat retaining soapstone that goes around the sidelights you see a lot of th... Soapstone stove Contura 596T Style
Contura 610AG Natural Style A new personal favourite. Contura 610AG Natural Style is available with glass door, log compart... Artstone stove Contura 610AG Natural Style
Contura 620T Style Contura 620T has a surround in heat retaining soapstone. Choose powestone too extract even more... Soapstone stove Contura 620T Style
Contura 690AG Natural Style A larger stove has a greater output, that it gives off more heat than a smaller one. Artstone stove Contura 690AG Natural Style
Contura 690T Style Contura 690T Style is a large stove with lots of heat retaining soapstone. Can also be combined... Soapstone stove Contura 690T Style
Contura 720T With a surround made of heat-retaining soapstone, Contura 720T is a beautiful and efficient hea... Soapstone stove Contura 720T
Contura 790T “When we left Holland to live in the Swedish countryside we were prepared for most eventualitie... Soapstone stove Contura 790T
Contura 820T Style With panels in soapstone you’ll have a beautiful, natural surround for your stove. Soapstone stove Contura 820T Style
Contura 856T Style Combine the generous glass side panes with the appeal of soapstone. Soapstone stove Contura 856T Style
Contura 890T Style The dramatic flickering of the fl ames off set by the calm and robust soapstone. Soapstone stove Contura 890T Style