Sandstone stoves from Contura

Stone and fire have a lot in common. For many years, we have been offering several stove models featuring heat-retaining soapstone. Now we are launching sandstone stoves.

Sandstone stoves are wholly unique

Sandstone is a natural material consisting of sand grains that naturally combine with minerals such as quartz, calcite or iron. The stone takes on various structures and shades, depending on the binding material. Sandstone forms soft, billowing shapes and often contains various sedimentary structures, marks, from its original environment – such as waves or fossils. When you choose the sandstone stove Contura 620, you have a unique stove right from the start. No two pieces of stone are identical. Changes in the shade and grain of the stone can vary a lot, giving the surface life and the stone its own style.

Contura 520S
The woodburner Contura 520S Style has a polished sandstone surround and cast iron door with large glass area that displays a lot of the fire.
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Price from:£2950
Contura 520S Style The new, velvety sandstone gives the 520S Style a smooth feel. New, sleek cast-iron door, in bl... Sandstone stove Contura 520S Style

Energy efficient sandstone stoves

The stunning appearance of sandstone stoves is simply unrivalled by any other wood burning stove. In addition to the uniqueness of the stove, sandstone stoves are highly efficient and allow you to fill your home with comfortable heat. The glass door offers a fantastic view of the fire within while optional fireplace accessories can be added to enhance your sandstone stove even more. Back to our stove collection


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