New stoves and inserts 2016

Image: Contura i51 white steel
Image: Contura 510G Style white
Image: Contura 870
A stove or insert from Contura is the warm and cherished heart of many homes. The quality of your life and feeling of comfort are enhanced by a stove that quickly and easily sparks into life. Contura stoves are designed to meet your demanding requirements for aesthetic appeal and functional performance. This year's new features and products are naturally no exception.

Growing success

Several of our popular models are now available in new colours, with more glass, a wider selection of surrounds and improved features. A modern wood burning stove offers far more than just an attractive design. It burns much cleaner and is more efficient than an older model. Welcome to Contura!


Wood burning stove Contura 596 and 720T

Eldstad Contura i51 vit Fireplace Contura i51 ,white steel
The state-of-theart design looks good in any modern home, of course,
but what makes the i51 a real winner is that it has been air leakage checked and
takes all the combustion air from outside. Lighting the fire couldn't be easier and
the heating is extremely efficient. Match the insert with an easy-to-position black log box.
Add a heat-retaining Powerstone tank.
Braskamin Contura 510 style vit Wood burning stove Contura 510G Style white, glass door
Popular basic model with new, tough glass door and
white exterior. Small, easy to position and very efficient.
Braskamin Contura 596 Style vit Wood burning stove Contura 596G Style white, glass door
The Contura 596 Style has long been one of our most popular stoves.
It now has an exciting glass door, even larger glass side panels and white enamel.
The top is made of white enamelled cast iron. Add a powerstone or fan for extra heat output.
Braskamin Contura-710 Wood burning stove Contura 710
The slightly angular design of the Contura 710 makes it very
easy to position. The new, simple style stove without glass
side panels fits neatly in a corner.
Täljstenskamin Contura 720t Soapstone stove Contura 720T
With a surround made of heat-retaining soapstone, the new
Contura 720T is a beautiful and efficient heat source.
Braskamin Contura 870 Wood burning stove Contura 870
The super-ellipse Contura 870 without glass side panels is the perfect stove for
a corner. Available in black or grey, with a choice of tops, such as soapstone or
stainless steel.
Sandstone stove Contura 520S style Sandstone stove Contura 520S Style
The new, velvety sandstone gives the 520S Style a smooth feel.
New, sleek cast-iron door, in black or grey, blends beautifully.