An insert for the modern home

Image: Contura i51black steel
Modern houses are more than you see on the surface. Modern heating technology means that a slight negative pressure is created in the building. Your stove insert must always meet high standards for appliance air leakage. Therefore invest in quality and select a fireplace that is air leakage checked and takes all the combustion air from outside. When you buy an insert from Contura you get just such a stove insert, with a modern design that suits modern houses.

High tech fireplace

All Contura i50 models are checked for air leakage and take their combustion air from outside, which guarantees problem free function in the modern house. The combustion technology is the best on the market which quite simply means that the wood lasts for longer and that the heating is more efficient.


Fireplace with five different surrounds

Modern houses often have a style that best fits with modern form. The fireplace insert Contura i50 has generous glass on three sides and surrounds in wonderful materials so that you can create the environment that you want:


Artstone White – brings restrained elegance to all interior styles
Soapstone – comforting, heat retaining natural stone with natural variations in vein structure
Sandstone – heat retaining natural stone with natural variations in warm beige nuances
Black steel – for a classic, graphic style
Artstone Natural – the raw concrete structure gives the home a really bold expression.

Swedish design, quality and manufacture

Because the depth is only 500 mm and it can be placed directly against a combustible wall, the fireplace is very easy to position in a room.


Choose to add an easy to position log compartment that goes perfectly with the insert and the surround. You determine where and how it should be located. Strong enough to use as a bench or extra surface.


Sealed insert with a closed system gives very good heat. Easy and comfortable care both when lighting a fire and when emptying the ash with easy grip controls that blend into the design.


The generous glass area and our Clean Burning System means that you see the maximum amount of fire.


The glass door has a durable frame of the highest quality, a detail that gives a long service life without the function being affected.