The world's most popular wood burning stove – now all in Style

Image: Contura 556 style white
Clean, curved shapes, quick heating, lots of options and large areas of glass that show a lot of the fire – over many years this has made the Contura 500 the world's most popular stove. Some time ago we launched Contura 500 Style in a few selected models, with a more slender design and improved functions. It was an immediate success and we are now taking it a step further: all models in the 500 range become Style.

Which Contura Style suits you?

Cast iron is an attractive material that has followed the Swedish household through the ages. Contura stoves have always followed this tradition with high quality cast iron doors in a deliberate, timeless design that brings style to many homes. With Contura Style the new cast iron doors are even more stylish, with larger sidelights in those models have that have them. The glass door is a more polished style and gives a glossier impression. Complete it with options such as a top in glass, cast iron or soapstone. Only you know what suits you and your home best.


New cast iron door
Our new stylish door in robust cast iron plus large side lights that show more of the fire.

Soapstone with large side lights
Surround in heat retaining soapstone now around the whole side light.

Handles and damper that don’t get hot
Handles and damper knob in a new material that does not get hot when the stove heats up.

Door stop in open position
A new, improved door stop holds the door safely open when you are working on the fire or cleaning your stove.

Longer handles
The handles have been extended and made easier to hold. Now the door is even easier to handle.

The stove as you want it
How do you want your stove? On a pillar, a turntable, with a hatch for the log box, heating fan, hotplate or heat retaining powerstone? Choose from our options and create your own personal style.

A new stove is a good idea
A new, modern stove from Contura has much better combustion technology than older stoves. Do you have a stove that is 20-30 years old? Change to a Contura 500 Style for the latest design and technology.

The woodburners in the Contura 500 Style-series

Whichever model and whatever options you choose for your 500 Style you now get the latest in design and function. Choose one of the most popular stoves in the world and get even more Style in your home.