Price Campaign | Wood Burning Stoves from Contura

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Just now! it’s the perfect time to choose a Contura wood burning stove with our Price Campaign. We have a fantastic offer for you on several popular models. Contact your local Contura retailer for full details & save up to £200! Campaign prices are valid 2nd to 30th September 2019.

Our selected wood burning stoves

Wood Stove Contura 510 - Save £200
Woodburning stove Contura 510 Style: Choose the Contura 510 Style stove if you want to position your stove in a corner. The large glass door spreads the light and heat around the room. The Contura 510 Style stove with cast iron door has been rejuvenated in Style, with larger glass areas in the door and an even more efficient firebox.


Wood Stove Contura 556 - Save £200
Woodburning stove Contura 556 Style: The generous side lights mean that you can see the fire from different angles in the room. With cleaner lines and a large glass door it gives a light and modern impression. The new handles do not get hot and are integrated into the front of the stove.


Wood Stove Contura 586 - Save £200
Woodburning stove Contura 586 Style: With the wood burning stove mounted on a pillar, the fire gets a lift. The Contura 586 Style is a stove for those who like modern style. If you want to see more of the fire, choose a turntable. This allows the stove to be rotated and the light and heat to be experienced from different angles in the room.



Our selected fireplace inserts

Fireplace Insert Contura i4 Modern - Save £200
Fireplace insert Contura i4 Modern: Contura i4 Modern with three sided frame in modern design that blends easily into your home and is easy to position in the fireplace.


Fireplace Insert Contura i4 Classic - Save £200
Fireplace insert Contura i4 Classic: Contura i4 Classic retains the classic style of your existing fireplace but give more heat from the wood.


Fireplace Insert Contura i5 Panorama - Save £200
Fireplace insert Contura i5: For installation in fireplace openings. Suitable for most open fireplaces, but particularly corner stoves where support bars are used and large doors can prove difficult. The handles are integrated in the door and the damper control is easily accessible on the front. Contura i5L has additional cast iron legs for positioning in a fireplace recess.

Campaign prices are valid 2nd September to 30th September 2019.