Price Campaign | Wood Burning Stoves from Contura

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Just now! it’s the perfect time to choose a Contura wood burning stove with our Price Campaign. We have a fantastic offer for you on several popular models. Contact your local Contura retailer for full details & save up to £200! Campaign prices are valid 1st to 30th September 2018.

Our selected wood burning stoves

Wood Stove Contura 810 - Save £200
Woodburning stove Contura 810: The base model of the range is available in grey and black with a generous glass area in the door.


Wood Stove Contura 850 - Save £200
Woodburning stove Contura 850: Thanks to its excellent shape, we have been able to add generous areas of glass without losing efficiency in the firebox.


Wood Stove Contura 870 - Save £200
Woodburning stove Contura 870: The super-ellipse Contura 870 without glass side panels is the perfect stove for a corner. A turntable allows the stove to be turned smoothly all the way around (option).


Wood Stove Contura 880 - Save £200
Woodburning stove Contura 880: The pillar mounted stove allows the fire to be seen even better in the room. A turntable allows the stove to be turned smoothly all the way around (option).



Our selected fireplace inserts

Fireplace Insert Contura i4 Modern - Save £200
Fireplace insert Contura i4 Modern: Contura i4 Modern with three sided frame in modern design that blends easily into your home and is easy to position in the fireplace.


Fireplace Insert Contura i4 Classic - Save £200
Fireplace insert Contura i4 Classic: Contura i4 Classic retains the classic style of your existing fireplace but give more heat from the wood.


Fireplace Insert Contura i5L Panorama - Save £200
Fireplace insert Contura i5L: Contura i5L has additional cast iron legs for positioning in a fireplace recess.

Campaign prices are valid 1st September to 30th September 2018.