News about wood burning stoves

A stove from Contura will spread warmth and cosiness in your home for many years to come. Therefore you should choose carefully. We make Contura for those who appreciate good design, intelligent functions and a wide choice.
The stoves Contura 600 Style A fire is an eye catching centrepiece to a room. If there is the space and area, one should invest in a stove that can stand out on its own, for the heat but also for the design. A fire should give maximum cosiness, and a stove must always suit the decor of the room. The stoves in the Contura 600 Style series have become more attractive all round: they heat better and have both improved and new features. But most of all they have been redesigned, have new surrounds, doors and colours. As we all know, beauty comes from within, but it is also seen from the outside. C600 Style with new design
Contura 300 - Cubic comfort Is it time to up the comfort factor? Then take a look at the Contura 300 stove and i7 cassette. You’ll discover almost endless variations for building the stove or cassette exactly as you want it. What's more, there's space for logs that are half a metre long. We call it cubic comfort. Contura 300 wood stoves
New stoves and inserts A stove or insert from Contura is the warm and cherished heart of many homes. The quality of your life and feeling of comfort are enhanced by a stove that quickly and easily sparks into life. Contura stoves are designed to meet your demanding requirements for aesthetic appeal and functional performance. This year's new features and products are naturally no exception. New stoves with improved feautures
An insert for the modern home Modern houses are more than you see on the surface. Modern heating technology means that a slight negative pressure is created in the building. Your stove insert must always meet high standards for appliance air leakage. Therefore invest in quality and select a fireplace that is air leakage checked and takes all the combustion air from outside. When you buy an insert from Contura you get just such a stove insert, with a modern design that suits modern houses. Contura i51 - An insert for the modern home