The Best Fireplace for a Basement

Image: Contura i5 basement
Basements are fast becoming an area of the house to decorate and turn into a liveable space in the home. Whether you choose to turn yours into a den, home office or spare bedroom, a fireplace will not only fill an otherwise cold cellar into a cosy, warm basement room but is also a gorgeous feature to have.

Basement Fireplace Ideas

Finding the perfect fireplace for your basement can be difficult, so it is important to know exactly what you want out of your stove. For example, do you want a wood burning or electric fireplace? Do you already have a mantle that you need a cast iron stove insert for? Once you decide, its time to find a piece that suits your specifications.


Wood Burning Fireplaces for your Basement

A wood burning stove is perfect for heating any space, especially for larger rooms as basements tend to be. Contura’s fireplaces have been designed so that you get optimal warmth distribution as well as a great statement piece. Many of our wood burning stoves are free standing and have been created with a sleek, modern design in mind. The Contura 596 is a perfect example with side windows so the fire can be enjoyed from all angles and a cylinder shape to fit anywhere in the room. See more of our wood burning stoves here for more inspiration.


Cast Iron Stoves and Inserts

If you already have a mantlepiece and need a stove to complete the ensemble, then try one of our cast iron inserts. Choosing a cast iron stove means that you can customise your fireplace to look exactly how you want in your basement, and with optional accessories across our entire range you can pick and choose how your stove should look. Take a closer look at Contura’s stove inserts and find a design you love.


Find a Fireplace Dealer Near You

If you want to see more great ideas on fireplaces for your basement, browse our stove inspiration gallery and see how great our products look in the home. Once you’ve found your perfect fit, find a dealer near you.