Stone Fireplaces for Sale with Contura

Image: Campaign UK
Summer is officially over, and the wind, rain and colder temperatures have finally set in. What is the best way to combat the winter blues? Curling up by a fireplace with a good book, of course! Just in time for the colder season, Contura have chosen some of our favourite stoves and fireplaces as part of our price campaign so that you can save money and stay warm this winter.

Contura Price Campaign

You could save up to £200 with Contura, as prices across our wood burning range and fireplace inserts are reduced for the next ten days, with the sale ending on 30th September.


Contura i4 Modern

Whilst remaining traditional, the Contura i4 incorporates a sleek modernity in its design, perfect for older houses and those who crave traditional décor. The insert is great for those who have a mantle but are looking for the best stove, and with a gorgeous flame visibility, you can’t go wrong with the Contura i4 Modern insert.


Wood Stove Contura 810

Wood burning stoves are some of the most popular from Contura due to their mellifluous design and great energy efficiency. There is a dedicated space for your logs or kindling, and a gorgeous surround so that you can see the flickering flames within. Shop before 30th September and save money on the Stove Contura 810.


Wood Burning Stove Contura 880

If you’re tight on space, then a freestanding stove from Contura is the best fireplace for you. Not only can you see a full 270-degree view of the fire, but the turntable base allows the stove to be turned all the way around, allowing space optimisation in any room. Have a look at the Stove Contura 880 here.


Get your fireplace in time for winter

If you want to save money on a great wood burning stove before winter truly sets in, then make sure you take advantage of the Contura Price Campaign. If you want to see any of our stoves, then find a dedicated stockist near you today using our easy dealer map.