Our Most Energy Efficient Fireplaces

Image: powerstone
At Contura we do everything we can to ensure all our wood burning stoves and fireplaces are as energy efficient as possible. All our wood burners are over 78 percent efficient but if you want to get the absolute maximum efficiency to ensure your money goes as far as possible, check out our most energy and output efficient wood burners – the masonry stove.

Energy Efficient Fireplaces

Masonry fireplaces offer the best combination of a high kW output and energy efficiency. Their large size makes them ideal for more spacious rooms or environments where several interconnected rooms need heating.

An added heat tank means heat can be stored and distributed even after the fire has gone out so you really do get the best value for money from your wood pellets or logs. The ability to burn logs up to 50cm in length makes masonry stoves a great choice for those that will be using their own logs to fuel the fire as there is no need to chop them to a small size.


Masonry Stove Collections

Of all our masonry stoves, these are the most energy and output efficient:


I31 collection: Available in a variety of stones, the i31 range of masonry stoves includes different models which are available with shelving and even attached seating. Find out more about the Contura i31


I41 collection: Set in a large column of artstone (exclusive to Contura) or soapstone, the i41 series has an angled door that can be offset to the left or sight to suit your needs. Find out more about the Contura i41


I51 collection: With the fire visible on all 3 sides of the masonry stove, the i51 collection offers greater visibility and a contemporary style. Find out more about the Contura i51


To find out more about our masonry stoves or to view the range for yourself, please get in touch with your local Contura dealer.