News about wood burning fireplaces

At Contura we develop and refine our stoves and fireplaces all the time. Here you will find the latest news about our stoves, fairs and interesting articles about wood stoves and fireplaces. Stoves from Contura are appreciated because they show so much of the fire. This makes the stoves easy to position, even in small spaces. We are sure that you will find a favourite.

Focus on wood burning stoves

There is more focus on homes becoming more energy efficient and the wood burning stoves from Contura have highly efficient fireboxes with an efficiency rating of up to 81%. According to independent testers, this is one of the highest on the market.

Under development

At Contura we are never totally satisfied and our work is never entirely finished. By this we mean that we refine and hone design and technology in a continuous process, in which people with various skills and backgrounds contribute to the result. Sometimes we make improvements not visible on the outside; sometimes we make major changes to visible details. Contura is continuously under development.