Worth knowing about heating

Contura stoves are high quality Swedish products developed and manufactured by NIBE Stoves. With a five year factory warranty and good service you can rest secure for the service life of the stove.


The output is given in kW (kilowatt) and corresponds to the heat given off by the stove at a certain time. The more you burn, the greater the heat output. An electric radiator normally gives off an output of 1 kW. An sauna unit normally gives off a full output of 5 kW.


Specified energy

If the stove has an output of 4 kW for 10 hours the house has been supplied with an energy volume of 40 kWh (kilowatt hours).



The relationship between the exploited and supplied energy in a system. The higher the level of efficiency (0-100%) the better the stove exploits the supplied energy, in the form of the logs that are burned. A stove that is wood fired usually has an efficiency of 50-70 %. Most Contura models have levels of efficiency in excess of 70%.


Combustion air

In order to achieve efficient combustion, air is supplied to many of the Contura models in different stages. First primary air is supplied to the fire bed. In some models this air is supplied via flushing of the glass surfaces, which minimizes the risk of soot build up. Then secondary air is supplied via a spreader in the back of the stove. Thus, the stove never runs out of oxygen and burns cleanly and efficiently. Clean Burning System


Outdoor air connection

All our stoves can be connected to outdoor air, either through the wall or through the floor. Connecting your stove to outdoor air means that the firebox will receive cool, oxygen rich outdoor air to give more efficient combustion.



Several models in the Contura series are available with a heat tank made of heat retaining powerstone. The tank is located under the cover above the firebox of the stove. The excellent heat retaining properties of the stone give up to four hours longer heat retention.


Smoke Control Area

The Contura 30, 50, 500, 700, 800, i4, i5, i6, i30, i40 and i50 Series stoves are all exempt for use in a Smoke Control Area when using woodfuel of 20% moisture content or less. Using quality, dry biomass woodfuel is important for the clean and efficient operation of your stove; better for you and better for the environment!