How to light your wood burning stove correctly

Making the stove responsible for part of your heating costs is wise from both an environmental and financial point of view. If you light correctly it is a cheap heating method and kind to the environment. Cosiness is included in the price!

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Six hot tips for greener and more efficient firing

  1. Replace your old stove with a new one if it is more than ten years old. Modern stoves are up to 90 % cleaner and 40 % more efficient than their predecessors.
  2. Always light using dry wood.
  3. Let the door stand ajar for at least 10 minutes after lighting the fire.
  4. Make sure that the fire always has enough oxygen.
  5. Do not burn more than the manufacturer recommends, which is normally a max 2 – 3 kg logs/hour.
  6. Always let the wood lie indoors for at least one day before burning. “Deep frozen” wood ( – 20 degrees) means that the heat recovery will be very poor.

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