Facts about wood burning stoves

Here you will find facts and tips about our wood burning stoves. In the installation instructions you can find all technical data about our stoves and in the lighting instructions you will find information about how to light the stove in the right way.

5-year warranty

When you buy a complete fireplace from contura you always get a five-year factory warranty. good service and parts availability are additional assurances during the service life of the stove.


Safety tested

CE marking is an important part of eu product legislation and includes construction products, machinery and toys. The ce mark certifies that the product meets the most important characteristic, namely, safety. All products made by contura and premodul are ce marked.


Smoke Control Area

The Contura 30, 50, 500, 700, 800, i4, i5, i6, i30, i40 and i50 Series stoves are all exempt for use in a Smoke Control Area when using woodfuel of 20% moisture content or less. Using quality, dry biomass woodfuel is important for the clean and efficient operation of your stove; better for you and better for the environment!