Quality, quality of life and comfort

Contura stoves are more than just a heat source. All our models, and every single stove, are designed and made with great care. We imbue our stoves with a homely feeling, quality and peace of mind – all representing the soul of Småland Province in Sweden. A Contura is part of your home, a beloved item of furniture that radiates heat. Contura also has a tradition of innovation in both design and technology. We are proud of Contura. We have formulated our pride into three sentences that constitute the foundation of our values. Here we’d like to tell you about them.

It is quite simply, quality of life.

Timeless design created for your lifestyle

 Homes come in many styles and sizes. A choice of stove depends on various factors. It's good to know that you'll always find something in our range that's right for you.



the purest fire of world-class heating, the natural way

 Fire has driven the evolution of mankind. Today, we're driving the evolution of heating technology. Efficient combustion means you can light up your stove with a clear conscience, knowing that you are being kind to the environment and your wallet.



the peace of mind that comes with swedish quality

 Superior quality is a hallmark of Contura throughout its entire life, from production of a stove to its installation - and all the years it fills your home with light and heat.