How long is the warranty on the stove?

Contura solid-fuel stoves are developed and manufactured by NIBE AB. In accordance with these conditions a five-year (5-year) warranty is given, starting from the date of delivery, against defects in materials and manufacturing, with the exception of defects relating to the components described below. A warranty of only twelve (12) months is given for components in the fire-box (for example, Hearth cladding, cast iron components, baffles, glass and sealing strips), for cladding and surface finishes (for example, tiles, concrete, glass and lacquered metal), and for electrical components.

The warranty does not extend to defects arising as a result of the fact that

  • the installation and operating instructions have not been observed;
  • the assembly work has not been carried out correctly;
  • the Product has been subjected to over-heating caused, for example, by using the wrong
    type of fuel or excessive amounts of fuel;
  • the Product has been connected to a chimney producing a poor draught; for example, a
    short chimney or a chimney which is not properly sealed;
  • the Product has been stored in a damp, unheated environment;
  • the Product has been maltreated and has not been maintained in accordance with the
    instructions provided;
  • the defect is the result of normal wear and tear on components that occasionally need
    replacement; or
  • due to similar circumstances which are not the result of defects in materials or manufacturing.


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