Contura i2
Create your own safe space

Contura i2

Do you have a vision for how you want your old open fireplace to look?

The Contura i2 cassette gives you the freedom and practical format to reform your fireplace. Choose a glass door for the modern look that gives you a big view of the fire, or the cast iron to maintain the rustic, traditional look on the stove. Contura i2 is available in three- och four sided frames.

Upgrade your old open fireplace

Contura i2 installed in a living room

Contura i2 is an not only an option if you are building a new stove, the fireplace cassette can be used to upgrade your old open fireplace as well. An open fireplace can often drag more heat out of a room than it ads. With a cassette the heat is spread to the room through the glass without taking any air out of the room. Your heating economy is improved, with higher efficiency and a more modern combustion technology.

Create your cosy space

Do you have your own vision of what a fireplace should look like and feel like? Contura i2 is a fireplace cassette that gives you creative freedom in a practical format that is easy to place. Choose a glass door that amplifies the light from the fire, or a cast iron door for a substantial, more traditional impression. Contura i2 is available with either a three-sided or four-sided frame.                                                                        

Upgrade your open fireplace

Contura i2 is not only a good choice for you who want to build something completely new. A cassette can also be used to upgrade existing fireplaces. An open fireplace can often draw more heat out of a room than it adds. With a fireplace cassette, a pleasant heat is spread through the glass. Your heating costs will be lower with higher efficiency and cleaner, more modern combustion technology.

Contura I2

Compact, robust, reliable. A timeless design that blends in to its surroundings, and raises the design in all types of homes. A bridge between the traditional and modern.

Contura i2 3 sided frame

Contura i2

3-sided frame

Contura i2 3-sided frame

Contura i2 4 sided frame

Contura i2

4-sided frame

Contura i2 4-sided

Contura i2G 3 sided frame

Contura i2G

3-sided frame with a glass door

Contura i2g 3-sided

Contura i2G 4 sided frame

Contura i2G

4-sided frame with a glass door.

Contura i2G 4-sided

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